Supporting Cancer Patients

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For nearly four years, I worked in fundraising for Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area (CSC). When I left that job in January of 2022 to create Gray Bear Coaching, I didn’t leave CSC… I left fundraising. The organization is an amazing community for supporting cancer patients, their caregivers and family members, survivors, and anyone who has been affected by cancer.

And all their services, educational workshops, support groups, mind/body wellness programs, and exercise and nutrition classes are absolutely free. Paid for through charitable donations.

Gray Bear Coaching’s Community Involvement

Hope Walk 2022… join us!

Having worked in nonprofits and corporate responsibility for more than 20 years, I feel called to give back in some way. CSC is one of the nonprofits I will be supporting through my work and with my donations. Right now, that means giving through the annual Hope Walk.

How am I giving? In two ways:

  1. First, by donating and participating. I volunteer as a member of the 2022 Hope Walk Committee, and I have my own fundraising team called Bear Feet. You can donate to my team… or, better yet, join my team and register for the walk! Anyone can join from anywhere in the world.
  2. Second, by donating a raffle prize. One registered walker will win a three-month coaching package from me, which is valued at $1,100. The winner will also be among the first to receive a special Gray Bear Coaching branded gift, to go along with the life-changing coaching they’ll receive.

And of course, all these donations go to supporting cancer patients and their families.

Put purpose in your work

A lot of people these days are trying to figure out what is most meaningful in their lives, and how to manifest that in both their work and their everyday life. That’s something a coach can help with. Set up some time with me to explore how I can help you out.

And of course, a video!

Out for a walk along my 6 mile loop, I decided to record a message about the Hope Walk. The geese had a lot to say about it as well.


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