What clients say – career and life coaching testimonials

Testimonials from career and life coaching clients are among the best way to get a sense of a coach’s effectiveness. If you’re interested in seeing whether I’m the right coach for you, or if you really want coaching, schedule a 20-30 minute call with me.

Peter was excellent, very professional and kind, and generous.

Corporate EAP Client

I thought Peter provided valuable insight while reflecting on his own experiences. I’m glad I selected him.

Corporate EAP Client

Peter is always calm, genuine, and shows concern. I found it helpful to talk with someone who understood my roadblocks and who could, in a positive and supportive way, help me seek solutions.


Writing Group Participant

Working with Peter not only helped me gain clarity and confidence regarding some professional challenges, Peter’s style of non-judgmental listening, combined with his genuine caring for my well-being and skillful means of guiding the dialogue, crafting poignant questions, and contributing insightful observations, allowed me to arrive at a renewed sense of purpose and potential. Peter was a patient believer in me. A valuable gift to be sure.

Nancy from New Mexico

Peter has a calm, wise approach to coaching which allows you to take your time, explore the deeper issues and work on uncovering what’s really going on for you. The conversations may not be easy at times, but they’re important, and Peter is there with you, every step of the way. He’s a pro.


I have to take a moment and shout out Peter Dudley and Gray Bear Coaching! Peter is a wonderful individual who has recently coached me through some major life changes. He has experience in a wide range of fields and comes to sessions with an open mind and kind heart. A wonderful coach!

Lauren B

With Peter’s coaching, I feel more confident in my role as a new manager, am more grounded, and can clearly see that I am on the right career path for me. He’s expertly guided me through challenging managerial situations, life decisions, and given me the tools to successfully navigate them in the future. His approach is warm and respectful yet thought provoking and curious; you can tell he truly cares about those he coaches.

Lauren A

I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for working with you. In our time working together I can honestly say that I gained new insights into patterns that I have been laboring under for quite a while. I’m really glad that we were able to have our sessions during a transition period in my life marked by a lack of clarity. Through our conversations I was able to process a lot of thoughts and feelings about things I was experiencing, and also gain some clarity to be able to identify the next best step. Thank you for guiding me and shepherding me through this process. I am most grateful.


Peter’s calmness, attentiveness and presence allowed for vulnerability and openness, leading to an effective conversation and outcome. His perspectives helped me to see problems as possibilities.

Spencer M.

Peter is a very professional, caring, and intuitive coach. He has the gift of making one feel safe, heard, and understood. Having meaningful conversations with him made the difference.

Nayely D.

I have coached with Peter for a few hours now, and I really am glad he has joined the coaching community. He brings a quiet warmth to the sessions that allows for really reflective conversations.

Mathew P

I met Peter at a writers conference. In workshopping my latest piece among other writers, I felt like I’d been torn to shreds. Mortified, I got through the workshop with my heart spasming and my breath shallow. As I got up to leave, Peter stopped me. He said he could tell that I wasn’t okay. I explained that I was very new to all of this and that I didn’t feel that the others’ comments would help me ‘pitch’ my work any better at all. He said he had a few moments between workshops to help me fine tune it. Instead of holding back tears and rushing back to my hotel room, I walked away from him feeling like I knew what I could do and what to do better. Peter noticed that I was drowning. He took the time and the risk in reaching out to me and be a friend. When he noticed me passing him in the halls, he made sure to ask how I was doing, and I made sure to thank him for being the good person who spotted trouble and did what he could do help. Since then, my respect and appreciation for him have only grown and I’m grateful to consider him a wise and caring friend.

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