Coach Showcase

A lot of people aren’t entirely sure what coaching is or why it’s so valuable to those who’ve benefited from it. So, for International Coaching Week 2023, I decided to interview a few coaches and clients. I wanted to

  • Demystify what coaching is and how it works
  • Describe the profound value coaching has for clients
  • Highlight the diversity and quality of ICF certified professional coaches
  • Showcase some of the great coaches I know

I thought three or four coaches would join in. Boy, was I shocked when more than a dozen responded almost immediately! Thus was born the Gray Bear Coach Showcase.

How it works

All the videos, including more information about each coach and how to contact them, are viewable on this YouTube playlist as well as farther down this page. I’ll keep adding as I create more.

Each of these videos is two to three minutes long. Every coach offers at least one insight that alone is worth watching. If you’re interested in moving forward in your life or becoming a more effective leader or really just improving things, these videos make a great introduction to who each of the coaches is, how they work, and what you can expect when you talk with them. All of us agree that feeling comfortable and safe with your coach is the most important part of any coaching relationship.

It’s all about trust.

Contact the ones you feel most drawn to. You can also learn all about me through my blog on this site, and I’d love to talk with you, too.

Meet the coaches

Sonia Singh, Leadership and High Performance Coach.
Jason Soll, Executive Coach.
Tammy Hurst, Nurse Coach.
Michelle Payne, Master Certified Coach.
Kenya Oscar Radoli, Innovation Coach and Consultant.
Marisa Singer, Associate Certified Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Emily Rothberg, Certified Professional Coach.
Laurie Cozart, Master Certified Coach.
Nayely Duran, Life and Leadership Coach.
Lyrae Myxter, Professional Coach. Lyrae’s LinkedIn page
Katie Gutierrez, Career and Life Coach.
Susan Speer, Coach for life and work.
Mathew Pauley, Founder and coach at PsiPom Coaching.
Jennifer Pierce, Leadership and Executive Coach.
Mollie Isaacks, Coach and Owner: Mollie Isaacks Coaching and Edu, LLC.

Your voice here

If you’d like to be featured in a future video, or if you just want to talk, send me an email!