At the turn of the year… happy new year!

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Thank you to all my clients for putting your trust in me in 2023. I appreciate you! You are what make this work so fulfilling and affirming.

If you had a good experience, please send me a note! And please refer me to anyone you think might benefit from my coaching.

By the way, their employer may cover the cost!

I have now worked with more than 125 people, from the C suite to the front lines, at all levels of career and all stages of life. I’ve coached 28 people pro bono through several nonprofits, conferences and universities. And, somewhat surprisingly, I’ve coached several people planning for maternity and paternity leaves.

I’ve also worked with organizations on strategy, team effectiveness, and leadership capability. Helping already-high-performing executives go from good to great is my favorite type of coaching. It’s challenging, fun, and makes use of all my diverse experience and perspective.

And in 2024, I’m planning on adding more book and writing coaching as well as publishing and self-publishing services and classes. And look for at least one book from me, expanding on all the content you’ve been reading on my blog.

And now, as we turn the calendars over from 2023 to 2024, I have a short video message for you all. Wishing you all a peaceful, prosperous, and happy 2024!

Happy new year!


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