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I am so excited! My new book, twist, comes out April 27th.

It’s a collection of photographs taken by Antoinette LeCouteur and poems I wrote inspired by those pictures. We’ve done this before (together), but I think this one is even better.

Find out more and pre-order it on the Gray Bear Publications site or through You can also win a signed copy just by signing up for my email list.

Here’s the cover of the new book. I kind of love it.

A hummingbird lands on a branch in front of a desert sky. Las Vegas, NV.
Photo by Antoinette LeCouteur

These were some of the comments we received on our first book, together:

“My book group was overwhelmed. It was like a standing ovation!”

“It’s a beautiful book.”

“Peter’s poems have that quality of timeliness and timelessness. Antoinette’s photos are National Geographic quality, the highest compliment I can ever give.”

“I was feeling sad so I decided to pick a random poem and read it. I ended up reading the whole book, and it changed my whole day.”

“I am savoring it by only allowing myself one poem each day.”

“Choosing a favorite is impossible. Beautiful!”

“Wonderfully conceived, beautifully accomplished!”

Why is this relevant to my coaching blog?

I always think it feels a little weird when a professional I know in one space talks about their creative work in a totally different space.

Especially the middle aged former-executive-turned-life-coach white guys who write poetry. Talk about cringe and eye-roll. The only way it gets more clichéd is if they also play in a band, brew beer, and have a podcast about quantum physics or something like that. (For the record, I don’t play in a band or have a podcast.)

So yeah, I get it, this post isn’t in line with my usual content. Not everyone who wants to know me as an executive coach will want to know me as a poet, writer, or publisher.

To those people I say: I’m trying to be loyal to myself. I hope you are able to update the imagined version of me you’ve created in your mind. My guess is that you are far more complex than you appear to a lot of your colleagues. (I’d love to hear what makes you unique!)

Beyond the fact that “writer” is a profoundly important part of my own identity, this post is also relevant because book coaching and publishing are part of the services I provide. You might not have known that.

I can help you get your book written and published

I can help you get your book written and published.

I’ve been teaching classes on self-publishing and what to look for when hiring support in any step of the process. You can get my 10 steps from idea to published guide from my website.

So, part of the reason I’m promoting my own books is that I think they are beautiful, high quality examples of the product I can produce for you.

If you’ve ever thought of having your own book, grab 30 minutes with me to talk it through. I’d love to help you get it done and published.

This troubled world needs more art, wisdom, and insight. It needs your art, wisdom, and insight.

Also, go buy my new book right now. And tell everyone else you know about it!


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