Why we should all give testimonials and reviews.

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Last week I got two testimonials from current clients.

C-Suite executive at a national healthcare company
Mid-career manager at a healthcare nonprofit

Clients often tell me during our sessions how meaningful and transformational my coaching is for them. I know I’ve made a difference to quite a lot of people. They tell me so. Although my self-doubt is strong (I’m just human after all), I can find no viable reason to disbelieve them.

And when one of them goes one step farther to give me an actual testimonial, it amplifies that affirmation for me tenfold. They took extra time to formalize that sentiment and make it public.

People appreciate recognition more than most realize

I can’t count the number of times people have told me, “I don’t do this for the recognition” or “I’m not motivated by recognition.”

Maybe not, but recognition is incredibly important. Denying it does no one any good. All it does is perpetuate the myth that people should only be motivated by internal self satisfaction and should reject the good feelings they get from praise under the false banner of humility.

One of my favorite things as a writer is finding out one of my books got a new rating or review. No, my main motivation for writing is not to get lots of reviews. I wrote the books for lots of other reasons.

But now that my books exist, I absolutely want the gratification that comes from knowing that someone appreciates my work.

With every new rating one of my books receives, my heart does that little excited flutter thing. You know what I mean.

It kinda feels like this, right?
Stock photo from Envato Elements by vadymvdrobot modified by me into pencil sketch

My first novel, Semper, now has 107 ratings on Goodreads, with 4.07 out of five stars.

Every new rating means that not only did someone give a bit of their precious, limited time to my creative work, but they cared enough to then go and let other people know what they thought.

Believe it or not that means something to me.

It’s the first volume of a post-apocalyptic YA trilogy.

If I’m totally honest, the one-star ratings cause less of that heart-flutter than the five-star ratings, but I still appreciate them.

Go give a testimonial or rating today. Please!

I admit I haven’t been the shining example of giving testimonials and reviews that I’d like to be. I’ve done it, but not as often as I would like.

So that’s one of my new year’s resolutions. I’m going to find someone to formally praise each week. Whether that’s a Goodreads rating, an endorsement on LinkedIn, a google review, or something else, I am going to be better about proactively spreading goodwill and good feedback.

I’m not trying to start a movement, but I do think everyone should spread more praise. And you can start with me. 😂

I can help.

I work with top executives and middle managers to improve their leadership skills, their workplace culture, and the effectiveness of their teams. Also, I help individuals identify and achieve their personal goals. Would you like to become more aware, be more effective, be more empowered, and feel fully prepared for your next steps?

Let’s talk.

You can help.

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