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In 2021, I loved the nonprofit I was working for. I was successful in my role. I was challenged, loved everyone on the team, felt both valuable and valued. But the role–fundraising–included several tasks I disliked that were fundamental to job success, and I knew I didn’t want to do that for the next five to ten years. I’ve been through career transition several times… both of my choosing and through downsizing.

So I decided to leave the job. I gave my boss a good long warning, and together we worked out a transition plan that would launch me properly while strengthening the organization for my absence. I figured I’d go back to corporate responsibility, employee engagement, or communications.

But as I was contemplating what would come next, I realized that more than anything I was feeling called to commit more completely to my LinkedIn tagline: I help people make a difference. After watching a particularly good webinar on employee engagement, I realized I should look into coaching. Not just as part of my job managing people, but as a full time vocation. A few days later, I was enrolling in a coaching program at UC Davis.

How about you? Have you gone through a career transition, or are you considering one? What do you find scary or exciting about it? Are you looking for more purpose in your life or job, or do you feel stuck? Even if none of that is you, we can all benefit from talking with a coach. I’d love to talk to you about your values and goals, and help you figure out how to go about achieving those goals.

Update on the video

I posted that video and almost immediately filled my pro bono slots. I am still eager to take on new clients, though, and I’m offering discounted rates until I get my certification… even though I know many coaches never even consider certification. It’s not required.


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