“Standard” coaching packages for individuals

My philosophy: I don’t want affordability to get in the way.

If I’m a good fit for you, we’ll figure out an arrangement that works for both of us. Just email or schedule some time with me, and let’s get to know each other.
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New clients start here

If you’re new, please start by scheduling some time with me, no obligation. I want to hear about you and what’s on your mind—what are your goals, your challenges, your hopes? And I’ll answer all your questions about me, about coaching, and anything else you need to know to feel comfortable with me.

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Yeah yeah it’s 4 years old, but I still look like this.
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Off-the-rack pricing

No matter what your situation is—whether you want to work on your career, your relationships, your personal goals, major life changes, work/life balance, whatever—I’ve probably coached someone through it or been through it myself. Often both.

My preference is to get to know each other, then figure out what will work for both of us.

Let’s chat.

If you’re someone who really wants to pick a product of the rack, though, here’s the rack:

Three Month SimpleSix Month StandardSix Month Intensive
Free exploratory sessionFree exploratory sessionFree exploratory session
7 biweekly sessions
each 55 minutes
13 biweekly sessions
each 55 minutes
22 sessions over 6 months
each 55 minutes
Check-ins as necessaryCheck-ins as necessaryCheck-ins as necessary
Document reviewsDocument reviewsDocument reviews
Two assessments includedTwo assessments included
Progress journalProgress journalProgress journal
$2,600 paid in full up front, or
$925 invoiced monthly
$4,500 paid in full up front, or
$825 invoiced monthly
$7,000 paid in full up front, or
$1,250 invoiced monthly

For parents of gender-expansive kids

My oldest came out as trans as a teen. She then went through a few years of suicidal depression. She’s beyond that and doing reasonably well as an independent young adult now.

As the parent of a trans kid, I feel called to help other parents who are struggling with their kid’s gender identity and expression. I’ve helped several parents over the last few years, whether it was a single talk on the phone or a series of coffee meetings.

Every child and every situation is unique. My story is not your story. Your journey will be different from my journey, as your child’s journey is different from my child’s. I just want to help you find your way through it all… whether that’s with me, or through other resources I can point you to.

If you’re a parent of a gender expansive child, please grab an hour on my calendar, and we’ll just talk. If we want to keep talking, we’ll figure that out.

A la carte is always an option

If you just want to go hour by hour, that’s fine. Just email me and let me know what you’re thinking.